Book Overview – Controlled Substance Management

Chronic pain and opioids are intertwined in one of the greatest healthcare crises in the world today. Physicians and patients alike are faced with legislative pressures, pharmaceutical marketing, lack of clear guidelines on opiate prescribing, and an explosion of deaths related to the use of prescription controlled substances. The variations that manifest in pain are almost as unique as the individual; difficulties in diagnoses and a lack of consensus contribute to the inability to discern between chronic pain and recurrent episodes of pain. Instead, approaching chronic pain from a public health perspective would allow for the application of epidemiological techniques in order to better analyze it, and categorize pain into more specific divisions, such as chronic vs acute, single site vs multisite, etc.

In their new medical textbook ‘Controlled Substance Management in Chronic Pain: A Balanced Approach‘, Co-Authors Dr. Sanford Silverman and Dr. Peter Staats have brought together evidence-based strategies from many experts in the areas of controlled substances, pain management, addiction, pharmacogenetics, and several other areas in an effort to provide a balanced approach to establishing guidelines for the appropriate prescribing of opiates, as well as providing alternative treatments, risk mitigation strategies, and encouragement for physicians in a seemingly endless whirlwind of regulations, pharmaceuticals, insurance, patients, and the swinging pendulum of controlled substance management.

Controlled Substance Management Book

Understanding pain as a disease is crucial to it treatment, and recognizing that there are psychosocial factors related to pain, such as disability and isolation, will go a long way toward improving patient comfort and quality of life. Opioids do clearly reduce pain for some patients with severe chronic pain that does not respond to other pharmacologic (or non-pharmacologic) therapies, but opioid use is not the widespread panacea that has been promulgated.

Co-Authors Peter Staats, MD, MBA and Sanford Silverman MD, PA, are respected leaders in the fields of opioids and pain management.

Dr. Staats is the founder of the Division of Pain Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Staats is also the President of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). Dr. Staats is on the medical team at Premier Pain. He is also a widely-published author in the field of pain and pain management, including the JAMA and The Lancet.

Dr. Silverman is the Medical Director and CEO of Comprehensive Pain Medicine in Pompano Beach, Florida. He earned his medical degree from New York Medical College, and is Affiliate Assistant Professor of Clinical Biomedical Science, Department of Integrated Medical Sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida. Dr. Silverman also served as a major in the US Army Medical Corps at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas.